The Public Adjuster

Public Adjusters Miami
Lighthouse Public Adjusters, Inc. The Original
Lic. # P020861

If your property has suffered damages as the result of a hurricane, fire, flood, broken pipe or mold as a consequence of water damage, etc., Lighthouse Public Adjusters, Inc., the original, is the company to call to help you with your insurance claim.

LPA is a team of professional public insurance adjusters, licensed by the State of Florida to represent the property owner in theĀ  process of an insurance claim. We will initiate your claim from the very beginning or we can reopen your existing claim, whether it was denied or insufficiently paid.

LPA will take care of every step, relieving you of that complicated process. Our adjusters have the knowledge and experience to take your claim to the next level until an equitable and satisfactory settlement is obtained from your insurance company.

Our adjusters know how to read the insurance policies, and they keep their knowledge updated in any changes that take place in the law. After renewing your policy, we evaluate the case, produce our own estimate of all damages, item by item, and we will use it to prove your loss to the insurer and obtain compensation.