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Public Adjusters Miami
Lighthouse Public Adjusters, Inc. The Original
Lic. # P020861
Actual clients’ experiences hiring
LPA (Lighthouse Public Adjusters)
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• Martha had a broken tile from a fallen object (a cooking wine bottle). LPA got her $31K for the whole continued tile floor.

• George got $12K from his hurricane claim. LPA reopened the claim and got him an additional $72K.

• Henry had a kitchen fire and, when trying to retrieve the pot from the stove, it fell and broke a tile on the kitchen floor. His insurer awarded him around $6K. LPA got him another $40K to cover the entire continued tile floor, the kitchen cabinets, the paint, and the appliances.

• Maria did not  get a penny after the deductible was applied to her hurricane  insurance claim, Lighthouse Public Adjusters reopened the claim and attained on her behalf a check for $55K. 

• Marshal was told by the carrier “it’s not covered”, LPA got him $22K for the damage caused by a broken pipe.

• David was awarded around $12K for damages sustained during Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma. LPA got him over $140K extra!

• George got $13K for his hurricane damages. LPA got him over $60K more.

• Mrs. Cruz, accidentally dropped an object and chipped a tile in her kitchen. LPA obtained $14K for her entire continued tile floor.

• Henry was given around $12K for his hurricane claim and LPA got him over $150K new money!

• Eric had a stocked valve in the toilet that made it to overflow (due to a clogged drain pipe) and damaged some areas (hardwood floor, carpet). LPA got him the money to repair those areas plus the money to replace the whole floor which had to be trenched to reach the clogged area. A total over $50K.

• Octavio received over $4K after his deductible, for damages sustained to his home during hurricane Wilma in 2005. Over three years later, LPA recovered an additional $14.7K compensation.

• Juan received a check for  $100.00 ( one hundred! ) as settlement after his previous public adjuster was done with his claim. Lighthouse Public Adjusters reopened his claim and got him an additional $49,600.00 settlement.

Olives’ claim was abandoned by the public adjusters firm that she previously contracted. Lighthouse Public Adjusters reopened her claim and got a settlement of $16k.

Miriam’s claim was abandoned by her previous public adjuster who considered her claim “impossible”. Lighthouse Public Adjusters took over and she received  a settlement for $23K.

After getting a release letter from his Public Adjuster freeing him from their contract, he was told his claim had no merits. Lighthouse Public Adjusters reopened the claim and got Noel a settlement for $6.6K.

Douglas received a check for $24 .7K as settlement for his claim, accompanied by a release letter from his previous Public Adjuster freeing him from their contract. Lighthouse Public Adjusters reopened his claim attaining an additional $56K as settlement.

Condo Association in Pembroke Pines received $110K settlement after the deductible, for their Hurricane claim. After expressing their dissatisfaction to their  Public Adjuster for such a small award, they received a release letter from the president of the firm, wishing them luck if they thought they could do any better with the claim. After reopening the claim, Lighthouse Public Adjusters was able to get the Association an additional $210K!

Give us a call. Let us show you our portfolio!