Why a public adjuster?

Public Adjusters Miami
Lighthouse Public Adjusters, Inc. The Original
Lic. # P020861

Insurance companies use their own staff or hired adjusters to determine the amount of the award they will pay you. They are employed and paid by the insurance company. Public
Adjusters, however, are authorized and licensed by law to represent you against
insurance companies. We are licensed by the State of Florida Department of Financial
Services, and mandated to to keep impeccable ethics and professionalism, as well as update our training every two years in order to renew our licenses.

The law provides that the policy holders can be represented by their own adjuster, and that is when we step in to help. We DO NOT work for the insurance company. We are loyal only to you, the insured. We work on a contingency basis, NO up front fees, and we only get paid when we get you money. If we do not get you any money, you DO NOT pay.

We handle all residential, commercial, and maritime claims.